Printing on china

printing on chinaPrinting on fine china is a relaxing and rewarding art form. The printing and painting are actually performed directly on pieces of fine china, often with intricate designs, beautiful colors, and possibly even meaningful symbols. Later, a final glaze is applied to the china to make the detailed hand painting or printing–as well as the piece itself–more durable.

Printing on fine china and ceramic ware is a fine art form. “China printing,” as it is called, involves the use of intricate and detailed printing designs that are hand-painted on fine china and ceramic ware. These designs and patterns are beautiful, and since the work is done by hand, the results are always unique. Investing in a piece of fine china that has been hand-painted can be an expensive endeavor, especially considering the cost of just the piece of ceramic ware itself. But the beauty of hand-painted fine china is unparalleled, especially when the printing design used is especially intricate.

After a piece of fine china is painted, often using thin blue lines and long flowing or scrolling printing designs, a thin glaze is applied to the freshly printed china. This glaze helps protect the painting and makes the piece more durable. The china glaze also makes the piece safe to use for eating or drinking without having to worry about getting the paint transferred to your food or drink. Of course, if you have made an investment in a piece of fine, hand-painted china, you would be more likely to keep it as a piece of artwork rather than as service ware.