Book & Magazine Printing

book printingAnybody who takes a trip to China these days won’t want to miss a visit to a particular area in Shanghai that is well-known for having the highest concentration of bookshops in the city–Fuzhou Road in the district that used to be known as Wenhuajie (Culture-and-Education Streets). This wonderful area full of excellent bookstores and shops makes it obvious that the book and magazine printing industry in modern-day China is well-established and vibrant.

When it comes to book and magazine printing, there are many companies in China that provide opportunities and solutions for printing books and magazines. Since the written word in China is based on a system of symbols rather than an alphabet, you can imagine that this would be a daunting task. Add to this that the government of China expects printing companies to produce high-quality books and magazines, then it’s easy to understand that books and magazines printed in China are often considered works of art by Western standards.

Because of the complex lettering and symbol-based language in China, printing companies must all have custom printing processes. There are many such printing companies in China, including the following:

Printed in China Online
Regal Printing
China Printing
Great China Printing Company

All the printing companies mentioned above are able to utilize custom printing processes for books, magazines, or other publications in China such as pamphlets, brochures, advertising, posters, and much more. Additionally, these China-based printing companies can print books, magazines, and more in other languages as well, and can usually offer discount pricing to those from other countries.